Racetams are one of the typical and possibly the oldest group of substances known as nootropics. The first nootropic was racetam, discovered in the early 1960s with the name Piracetam. With the effects of this substance, the nootropics were defined and described and substances discovered in the future classified according to this scheme. The Racetams itself are all derivatives of this great predecessor of all nootropics.

Introduction to Racetams

The effects that Racetams have in common and that come from Piracetam include any form of cognitive performance enhancement. Not only can they show the typical nootropic effects such as an improvement in concentration and learning ability, but in many cases, they also improve mood and motivation. Many derivatives of piracetam, which are described here, are significantly stronger than the well-known original material. There are also some differences between them. However, they are all known to facilitate thought processes, improve the ability to concentrate and focus, optimize memory and recall. All this goes hand in hand with an improvement in learning ability. To do this, they improve the musculoskeletal system, have a positive influence on the mood and often have a motivational function.

Some substances such as the highly acclaimed and well-known Piracetam are real all-rounders, while others promote particularly cognitive performance, have a significantly stronger effect or, for example, above all improve a certain area such as the perception and processing of sensory impressions. Racetams also often have a protective effect on the central nervous system and the brain, which can be attributed to various mechanisms of action. They were also originally developed for use as antidepressants before they discovered and thoroughly researched their performance-enhancing effects on healthy people.

Nevertheless, many of them are also used in the medical field to cure depression, dementia and other diseases of the mind. Most racetams have been tested well and classified as safe. They are used by millions of people every day to improve their cognitive performance and to be able to master everyday life, school and work better and easier.


While the exact functional mechanisms are often not known, there are many modes of action that are common to most racetams. For example, they mainly work by increasing the blood flow in the brain and thus ensuring that the brain receives more oxygen. This generally increases the performance of the brain because it has more energy available and can do so much more than with the regular supply of oxygen to the body. This increased blood circulation is also the main reason that racetams increase the health of the nerve cells of the brain in the long term and thus have a strong protective effect.

Racetams also work by influencing a wide range of receptors in the brain, thereby enabling faster transmission of information between the individual neurons. Either they do this by increasing the sensitivity of the receptors to the respective neurotransmitter, or by stimulating the production of a neurotransmitter and thus triggering the same effect. Affected neurotransmitters include the very important acetylcholine and well-known substances such as serotonin and dopamine. This number of important neurotransmitters that are affected by the agents are jointly responsible for their outstanding effect.

An increased activity between the neurons, as a result, means that they have to receive fewer stimuli in order to fire and that the transmission from one nerve cell to another generally becomes faster. This leads not only to faster but also to clearer thinking processes. Racetams are also so effective because they can pass the blood-brain barrier without any major problems and therefore almost the entire amount of the substance in the body reaches its target, the brain, where it can develop its full effect.


The dosages of racetams strongly depend on their respective strength and vary between a few milligrams for very strong substances such as phenylpiracetam and a few grams for less strong ones like piracetam. However, most racetams are very well tolerated and an overdose is often not a problem because excess is simply excreted by the body. This means that the user is relatively free to dose the agents and can find the amount that is optimally tolerated for his body, but is still effective, although the recommendations for the specific racetam must be observed. Racetams are generally non-toxic and the body tolerates them very well. However, it often happens that users build up a so-called tolerance towards the agent, the amount from which an effect occurs, so it increases. As a result, higher doses are required and, with some agents, it is also necessary to take them in cycles. This means that breaks are built in between the intake periods to allow the body to recover.


Racetams can be combined in many ways and are perfectly compatible with each other in stacks. They show excellent results, especially with choline, but they can also be combined with many other nootropics to potentiate their effects and thus make them more effective in increasing cognitive performance. The addition of choline is often even necessary or is at least recommended because the choline consumption increases significantly due to the increased activity in the brain and the body can no longer keep up with the production. By supplementing this agent, you can prevent some side effects. This includes, in particular, the headache that occasionally occurs with racetams for this reason. Apart from these, however, the drugs very rarely have any side effects; cases in which side effects due to overdoses have been reported are only known of the stronger drugs.

Racetams Conclusion

In general, however, Racetams can be described as extremely safe due to its good tolerability and the fact that it has been researched and tested for a very long time. They are perfect as a means of increasing cognitive performance and offer a wide range of different substances, each with its own specific advantages and a certain strength, which makes them very easy to vary and combine. These properties make them the ideal tool for a healthier, faster and more powerful mind.